May 1, 2015
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Estúdio AMATAM participates in Festival IN 2015 edition

The 2015 edition of Festival IN took place in FIL and intended to cross inter-related themes such as business networks, innovation, creative cities, business and culture, creativity and development, thus creating its own structural concept: Network Society.

The Festival IN was aimed to add value and to build real and virtual situations of entry into existing networks of high potential, resulting in a unique environment of innovation and creativity, contagious for the critical eye. Activities as design, architecture, advertising, TIC, TELECOM, heritage, performing arts, media, publishing and literary creation, video games, television and radio, film and video, arts & crafts and sports led us to be part of the creative identity of 2015 Festival IN.

Among so many other entrepreneurs, Estúdio AMATAM got its own chair at the table between the largest aggregator of innovation and creativity event realized in Iberian Peninsula, the Festival IN.

In the end, we are most of all a creative studio.