June 26, 2015
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Estúdio AMATAM has been nominated at the Odivelas Municipality Prize for Architecture and Public Space

Estúdio AMATAM has participated in the 4th edition of Odivelas Municipal Prize of Architecture and Public Space with the project for a villa in Famões, Odivelas – HOUSE L911.

This prize was established as a mean of promoting the art to create or recreate the physical spaces, aiming to publicly recognize buildings and public outdoor spaces which, through its architectural, constructive and functional aspects, represent a contribution to the enhancement and safeguard of the architectural and urban heritage of the municipality.

This year, the jury composed by the mayor of Odivelas, the deputy of the Municipal Assembly, the representative architect of the Order of Architects-South Region, landscape architect and architect of the management and urban planning department, was asked to assess twelve projects, including nine in the category of buildings and the remaining third in the category of Public Spaces.

Currently, are on display all projects in the City Hall located at Quinta da Memory in Odivelas, and is available a printed catalog with information of the selected projects.

More information about the project here.