Project:  New Biotronik office

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Date: 2013 – 2014 

Client: Biotronik International

Project Area: 193m²

Photography: Estúdio AMATAM


The studio AMATAM intervention in the space that would become the BIOTRONIK headquarters in Portugal was above all surgical.

The existing area was comprised of two independent units that had been remodeled to serve as commercial spaces. With this new program, the two fractions were joined and adaptations and replacements were necessary. But fundamentally, the placement of a new spatial vision that allowed the accommodation of different functions intrinsic to the office t as well as the creation of a visual identity that reflects the brand status and market position, was our main challenge.

Strategically, most of the work desks units as well as the reception were placed in the entrance level, taking advantage of the ample natural lighting entering from the glazing windows that encloses much of the space. However, excessive exposure to the outside led us to design vinyls halfway up the glazing to improve privacy and make more effective control of natural lighting. However, who is standing can always take advantage of the extraordinary outside presence of the Mãe d’Água building located in the Amoreiras garden.

Downstairs spaces were adapted to accommodate technical areas, a meeting room and two more work desks. As a global strategy for the space we used an open space configuration to accommodate all the functions.

About Materiality, the existence of a stony floor around all the entrance level was transpiring a somewhat impersonal and crude feeling, so was chosen to place black carpet tiles creating a dynamic look through the different textures and patterns, arranged as to create pathways and identify areas of activity.

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