Coletivo Urbano in its own definition is a group of architects with different professional trajectories, however sharing a common goal: intervene in informal territories by searching strategies and processes able to stimulate urban renewal through the Urban and Architectural discipline, applying practices that can return to these communities the right to the City.

The driven to act in real scenarios, might it be neighborhoods, slums or precarious communities, led them to a synergy of skills that enable them to operate effectively in such an urban context. After having completed the MAS in Urban Design at the ETH in Zurich, the need to initiate the development of the Urban Plan for Cabuçu de Baixo 5, which competition has been won during the Master program, led them to settle in Sao Paulo and create this platform of interaction – an entity that represents the values ​​and ideals of the four architects who embraced the challenge of capitalizing the condition of the informality in benefit of conventional urban planning.

Keeping their professional practices in their countries of origin, the Coletivo Urbano founding members – among them Estúdio AMATAM architects – expect from this partnership the possibility of establishing a network of influence that can solve urban problems by operating in poor neighborhoods among Portuguese and Castilian speaking countries.

The understanding that urban informality – characteristic of the territories in which they intend to act – has intangible qualities that are necessary to preserve, study and potentiate, leads them to take a careful look at how people build the City with their own hands.

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