Project:  Single Detach House

Location: Birre, Cascais, Portugal

Date: 2013 – in study

Client: Private

Project Area: 1326m²

Renders & Photography: Estúdio AMATAM


A solid black volume, resembling a metamorphic rock, rises from the earth assuming his position in a surrounded by trees territory, which also faces the street in part of its limits. Dark matter, rude pigmented concrete, dialogues with the color of the earth, with dry pine needles off the floor, with aged trunks of pine trees.

Allied to the unconscious sense of comfort, on which the habitat should be a robust and enduring construction, transparency and communication with the surrounding nature is a privilege which was also safeguarded.

The simplicity of the gestures articulated the transformation of the initial compact volume. Rotation and subtraction of volumes, deformation plans emphasizing the plasticity of the way, were operations performed with the intent of humanizing the building to human contact. The delicacy of small deformations contrasts with the two overlapping volumes that defy the laws of physics in a balanced gesture over the water level.

In the most exposed sides of the house to the passersby – reflecting allotment regulations, which stipulates reduced walls heights – the facades gain a strong opaque feature, whose materiality is achieved by two forms, or involves the raw form of concrete or by a delicate system of mobile plans in wood elements. Favoring the inner communication in the most social area with the outside of the lot – a more private area which benefits from the location of the pool – a long glazed façade of windows defines a fine line between them. The pool is always present and reflects the extent of this interior.

The terrace, a crucial element in the aesthetic language, is assumed as a second living room, communicating both with the exterior or the interior path circuits of the house. Place of contemplation, of fun, of assembly, a flexible space to the point of adapting to the most unexpected uses.

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