Project: Interior Renovation

Location: Expo, Lisbon, Portugal

Date: 2013/14

Client: Salgado e Vaz, Lda

Project Area: 1700m²

Photography: Estúdio AMATAM


Situated in one of the most exceptional areas of Lisbon because of the amazing surrounding landscape, this equipment had been closed for about a year. With a new owner came a new vision for the interior space and its organization.

Being a landmark building in its context – it has a very strong exterior presence – was however lacking in personality on the inside. The interior design was standard and not very stimulating for a recreational program that normally is defined as dynamic, appealing, and inciter of good vibes, such as the image of the brand Kalorias Fitness Club. Therefore, we sought in a controlled but precise way of creating color elements that illustrate the space, integrated into a signage general strategy that lays down a new layer over all existing space. Each room now has its own recognizable identity.

Alongside new areas were defined, resulting from restructuring the existing spaces, which enabled greater transparency from inside the club, creating clearer references, in a space that was previously somehow labyrinth. These new areas are related to customer services and children occupation activities, with a distinguished and striking design.



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