Project:  Emergency Interventions – Competition

Location: Madame Machado, Petrópolis, Brazil

Date: 2012

Promoter: OPPTA

Project Area: 41,2 ha

Photography: Estúdio AMATAM


Programmatic and spatial design solutions compatible with environmental protection areas exposure to flooding risks, and also creating benefits to the local population , is the great challenge of this proposal for the urban district Madame Machado,  bearing in mind the fundamental balance between Man and Nature.

 The needs and problems of the community are evident and reflect the pattern of most informal settlements in Brazil. Developing solutions and strategies for Madame Machado should allow us to conceive tactics and prototypes that can be adapted to different communities, safeguarding the characteristics intrinsic to each other.

The complexity of the territory in question transforms any intention or strategy of urban design, architectural or social a challenge. Facing such a challenge is not our intention to conclude that we have the right solution to most of the problems that were revealed during our research of Madame Machado neighborhood. However, we are convinced that was produced an important contribution to the discussion of issues that are related to slum upgrading , the control of informal settlements , the problems of landslides and floods , but most of all the notion that what is proposed has the clear intention of improving the life quality of Madame Machado residents .

Revitalize and capitalize the greatest wealth they possess – the natural landscape in the middle of which they inhabit – was our goal. Restructure the urban fabric, enhance the increase of urban concentration, improving the urban infrastructure, implementing environmental protection measures for risks reduction and trigger new tourist attractions, compile a set of ideas that will help revitalize this community lost in Petropolis mountain areas.

However, despite all the previous strategies, we are aware that only with participatory methodologies for the community, the best solution for the neighborhood Madame Machado can be found.

result / resultado:
Last Round Selection / Projeto Finalista
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