Project:  Urban Design

Location: Heliópolis, São Paulo, Brazil

Date: 2011

Client: São Paulo Municipality

Project Area: 70 600 m²

Images: Estúdio AMATAM


A lack of public space and a non-efficient waste of management have constituted the two most pressing issues facing Heliopolis today. The municipality pointed a site – a long and empty strip that borders the favela and a sewage plant – for project development. In its place, the municipality wants to establish a recycling and manufacturing plant and, at the request of the residents’ association, a park for the neighborhood.

By combining a variety of interests, buildings typologies and urban models, “super edge” defines a new edge that blends the urban skyline with the irregular settlement. A linear street is introduced as a strong urban gesture and its commercial use transforms it into the backbone of the plan. Public spaces link the favela with the urban park, integrating the new proposal with the favela’ built fabric. “Super edge” activates the border of the favela and shifts its focal point outwards and towards the city.


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