Project:  Competition

Location: Várzea Paulista, Brazil

Date: June 2012

Client: Várzea Paulista City Hall

Project Area: 20 000 m²

Collaboration: S+A Brasil 

3d images: 3dHelps


Taking into notice the program and guidelines form the competition report, we understand that the main design purpose should be the consolidation of the City Hall as an urban reference reflecting a strong and new city centrality. Our proposal presents the administrative headquarters for Várzea Paulista city as a public amenity and a meeting point, resulting from the several existing flows that surrounds the location plot. The implementation of this program at the site is a result of the mentioned surrounding dynamics, reflecting the shape of the building volumes.

The programmatic functions orbiting around the center of the plot, was assumed as the heart stone of the design process, allowing the building to overlook the city, while the center of the plot remains free for public use. Consequently, from the free ground floor emanated three volumes on the periphery of the lot, in which was housed the entire entire requested program, balancing desires and functions. A unifying skin, translating one of the icons of this territory imagery, the orchid flower, involves all volumes and ultimately gives expression to this new urban territory.

By breaking these volumes we gained big doors to the city anchored in the strategic existing axes, inviting all citizens to use the public space available in the central area of the municipality complex. Thus, we provoke by the urban display that the government should reflect the principles of equality, transparency and quality, which highlight is the central courtyard, a place for all residents’ enjoyment.

In a prominent location, the municipal theater was placed, which existing project should also be integrated in our proposal. This equipment serves as an anchor to the surrounding public space, and creating a disturbance in all the coherency of the new buildings.

In the end, all volumes of this municipality complex, should together result in a cohesive and balanced volumetric composition, defining a clear perimeter that although permeable is unambiguous in its definition.

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