January 20, 2014
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Rustic handles

What started as a simple task – to define and choose fittings for a wooden door – soon revealed itself as a complex and intricate challenge.  In our search for a handle, we were advised to visit some hardware stores in downtown Lisbon.  There we would surely find what you were looking for and it was true. We surely found what we were looking for, as well as so many other possible solutions, of which we discovered a widely varied lexicon that characterizes them: beater, knocker, latch, thumb latch, simple handle, ring handle door knobs, ring handle, brackets, faux hinges, slide bolts. Fortunately D. Filomena – current owner of Costa & Costa store, founded in 1922 by his grandfather Manuel António Luís Costa , which specialty is black fittings and reproductions of antique pieces – gave us some of her time to explain us all the alternatives.

Through the survey of Olisiponenses Studies Office ( GEO ) we get to know all the door fittings stores in downtown Lisbon . Some are more interesting than other, so we suggest a visit to the store Guedes Silva & Guedes that was also founded in 1922 and still preserves its foundry molds. In a very stylish and organized way, it exhibits its pieces on the aged wooden boxes which are covering the walls of the entire space.

The GEO “has an ongoing project: the Chiado and Baixa Shops – Live and immaterial Heritage with a mission to learn about their commerce, their present activities, captured by testimony and image. ( … ) This survey is about the existing reality, grouped by branch of trade or business workshop or manufacturing of all kinds, which includes not only the most emblematic and traditional stores as the most modern, the big brand chains, presenting Baixa and Chiado as it is “here and now“.1 For all interested in visiting Chiado and Baixa commerce, GEO performs free guided tours on Saturday mornings from 10am to 12:30 pm by appointment.