October 21, 2013
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The place of traditional arts in the present moment

Friday. We left Almada and headed south, Loulé. While we were appreciating the view simultaneously our minds were getting set for the later event – a table full of experienced personalities willing to share their knowledge, plus an exhibition rich in materials, colors and textures – so we were talking about the meaning of Handicraft, its importance and what it represents. We were invited to express in the event “Three moments’ lectures – the place of traditional arts in the present moment” why the Portuguese handicraft has a prominent place in our projects. In the end we felt that we have learned a lot with all the shared know-how and a deep respect for the ancient techniques of our country.

Believing that the Portuguese craft and design can together contribute to strengthen the Lusitanian identity, we are sharing the TASA project and its most recent publication: TASA – Ancestral Techniques Current Solutions. TASA is a project based in Querença – a village located between the hills and the barrocal of the Algarve – that promotes a strategic innovation for the handmade product valuing it and contextualizing it in a modern scenario.


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