May 16, 2014
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Working with artisans

Cork is one of the predominant materials in the renovation of the fitness club Kalorias Linda-a-Velha. After the TASA cork lamps and cork-lined walls and ceilings, the cork benches for the reception area arrived – work of the artisan Antonio Luz from Algarve, whose with is authenticity and contagious aspiration for creating new objects, developed this model in collaboration with our studio for this project.

Interestingly in his profile in the Projecto TASA webpage he says: “They say I’m now a craftsman. I don’t know what that is… (…) Handicraft has not two equal objects. I always try to invent new things to show at fairs. Some people say that handicraft, because is handmade, shouldn’t be too perfect because it could be understood as industrial manufacture. I do not agree! “